The Performance Theatre Foundation is a non-profit organisation initiated in 2000. Our goal is to inspire the leadership required to reinvent growth. We need a new growth model that works with rather than against nature; benefits the many rather than the few; and delivers value over the long-term as well as the short.

What we do

The foundation pursues its goal through one annual initiative – The Performance Theatre.

Each year, the theatre brings together a select group of CEOs with world-class thinkers and leaders, drawn from across disciplines, philosophies, industries and geographies.

Participants are assembled in a stimulating setting of global historical weight and are challenged to deploy their collective experience, knowledge and values to take on the biggest questions of the day – not shying away from taboo or difficulty. The agenda is forward-looking, encouraging participants to preempt challenges to global business by adopting a longer-term perspective.

We use the theatre as a model. Because, throughout history, theatres have played host to the biggest debates of the day. And at the theatre, both the actors and the audience create a unique, shared experience.