Dr Nthabiseng Legoete is a medical practitioner who is passionate about improving access to primary healthcare. She has a vision that if realised, will make quality primary healthcare affordable for all global citizens in emerging markets. She founded Quali Health in May 2016. This organization provides affordable high quality healthcare services to the disenfranchised communities of South Africa. This network of clinics currently services 500 patients a day. She has spent the last 10 years navigating the private health sector, firstly as a medical advisor and product manager in the pharmaceutical division of Roche products and also as a partner in a medical practice that manages three emergency units in South Africa. Her main role was that of clinical director. Nthabiseng also has experience in the sub-acute environment and sees this as another opportunity to exploit in order to curb exorbitant and often unnecessary private healthcare costs. Nthabiseng completed her MBA through the Gordon Institute of Business Science. Her research topic entitled, “Factors that influence the non urgent use of emergency departments in the South African private healthcare sector” seeks to aid in the development of divergent strategies for these patients.