Masami was born in Japan but her desire to expand her horizons took her on an incredible journey of exploration travelling throughout the world. Her way of travelling was all about connecting and sharing with people to gain new insights and understandings of different cultures, lifestyles and environment. She also became aware of the desperate need for support and change in certain countries in contrast with the modern life styles of developed countries. Her soul search became much based on the creation of real connectivity of all different cultures and people to realise the world full of real WIN-WIN relationships.She has also gone through a journey as an entrepreneur since 2001 as a working mother, starting and running several commercial enterprises all aiming to transform the way businesses are operated today. Her belief has always been the creation of real transformational business and charity model with a positive and empowering approach. By taking a completely new look at the power of connection and giving, she founded Buy1GIVE1 (B1G1) in 2007. Masami’s approach to life is very different. She brings a new, almost upside-down strategy to everything she does. And she radiates it through her writing and speaking. She has authored three books, ‘JOY – The gift of acceptance, trust and love’ and ‘ONE- Sharing the joy of giving’ and ‘GIVING BUSINESS – Creating the maximum impact in the meaning-driven world’. Masami’s career has followed her diverse talent and extensive skills having been a teacher, translator, health consultant, natural food chef(and a farmer!), author and entrepreneur. She is also a popular public speaker. She has spoken in more than 10 countries and has been invited to various TV and radio interviews.