Make a nomination for the Inspired Leadership Award

To nominate somebody for the Inspired Leadership Award (ILA), send a short email with the details below to,

Details to include in your nomination

• Full name of nominee
• Nominee contact details* (email/telephone)
• Name of nominee’s organisation
• A short statement (max. 200 words) on why you are nominating them. This should cover their work, their impact, how you came across them and how they would benefit from being part of The Performance Theatre community.

Deadline for 2018 nominations: 31 Jan, 12pm GMT

*You can still nominate without having contact details.

What are the criteria?

The ILA recognises up-and-coming leaders who are working to reinvent growth: people who have demonstrated real impact in furthering new business models that work with rather than against nature; benefit the many rather than a small elite; and deliver value over the long term as well as the short. We look for people who are:

Purpose-driven – striving to create value for both their organisations and society at large
Bold – challenging the status quo and anticipating and driving change, rather than waiting for it
Creating impact – with the potential to achieve positive change on a global scale.

What happens after I send in nomination?

You will receive an acknowledgement of your nomination. After an initial vetting process, a long-list of 15 names is considered by the ILA Nomination Committee. Short-listed nominees will be contacted in April to provide more information about themselves and will be invited to attend The Performance Theatre in Germany 2018. The winning awardee will be announced at a plenary session of The Performance Theatre.