Kajsa Li Paludan, 28, is co-founder of Cultura21 and Redefine.XYZ.

Redefine.XYZ is a crowd-sourced online tool that helps provide everybody with the means to visualise and communicate sustainability, whereby citizens all over the world provide professionals with their approved and understandable words. It is an online tool created by people, not unlike Wikipedia, and aims to bring sustainability ‘back down to Earth’. Kajsa thought of the concept while at the United Nations, because the people around her had problems describing the concept of sustainability in layman’s terms.

Before working on Redefine.XYZ, Kajsa was the co-founder of Cultura21 Nordic and Cultura21 International, offering consultancy for companies, organisations and ministries that need help understanding the complexities of sustainability.

In 2014, Kajsa was appointed ‘Future Sustainability Leader 2014’, by DNV GL and Sustainia. In the same year she was also named one of five ‘Future CSR Leaders’, by Coca-Cola Enterprises.