Sam co-founded d.light, a social enterprise providing solar energy to the two billion people living without power. d.light has improved the lives of 65 million people in 60 countries, including 16 million school children who use d.light solar study lamps.  Sam helped invent award-winning solar products which are ultra-low-cost, safe, and CO2 free.  d.light’s products have saved its customers, mostly Asian and Africa families earning a few dollars-per-day, over $5 billion in energy expenses. The solar systems have offset over 20 million tons of C02, generated 120 GHW from solar, and reduced deadly fires.  Sam leads d.light’s innovations and is now pioneering financed solar systems that can leapfrog the need for a grid-network and provide access to modern lighting, communication, and appliances to anybody – regardless of income or grid access.  D.light is seeking partners to provide 100 million people with clean, life-changing, and affordable solar power in three years.