The Performance Theatre is the brainchild of Dr Osvald M Bjelland.

By the late 90s, Osvald had done the rounds of the traditional conference circuit dozens of times. He had suffered ‘death by PowerPoint’ and yawned through dry lectures. But instead of  going on a conference hiatus, he decided to shake things up.

He realised the business world needed to focus on leadership and exchange knowledge with innovators from other fields.  A meeting attended by real change makers and non-business people who could shake up old views and blaze new trails.

And so, The Performance Theatre was born – fusing influential  people, organisations and ideas in a symbolic setting.

Osvald is also founder, chairman and CEO of Xyntéo.

Xyntéo is one of The Performance Theatre’s partners and it is also contracted to deliver services to the foundation to stage the theatre and help to develop the programme.

The Performance Theatre Foundation is a non-profit organisation governed by a separate legal board.

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