‘Unfinished Revolutions’: our 2018 theme

The 2018 Performance Theatre takes place on 1-2 June 2018 in Germany.

Our Theme

This year’s Theatre will tackle the theme of ‘Unfinished Revolutions’. As 2018 begins, we are surrounded by signs of upheaval. From Europe to Saudi Arabia and from the tech industry to Hollywood, challengers are taking on the establishment. Systems both local and global – from energy and transport to finance and education – are facing the prospect of evolution or revolution.

And, at a time when seemingly every week brings a new, unexpected revolution, it is valuable to take a fresh look at how paradigms change and the role that leaders can play. Even one of this year’s major superhero blockbusters, Black Panther, foregoes the usual good versus evil formula, instead presenting a villain whose main conflict with the hero is over the pace of change they both want to see.

This ‘Unfinished Revolutions’ theme will build on last year’s Theatre in Singapore, where we explored ‘invisible realities’ – the neglected contradictions that are excluding parts of society from our current growth model. Revolutions often start with an individual or group bringing an invisible reality forcibly into the public eye, so that attention, to quote Arthur Miller, must finally be paid.

Our programme will mine revolutions from past and present to ask how leaders can best drive transformation – at the societal, organisational and individual level. Can we manage the evolution of complex systems, or must they be rebuilt? And, once a battle is won, how can would-be revolutionaries shift gears from protest to sustained solution? Are revolutions ever truly finished?

Our Location

We are thrilled to be taking The Performance Theatre to Germany for the first time, a country that has been the birthplace for some of the most profound political, cultural and scientific revolutions of the past half millennium.

After all, Germany is the home of Hegel and Kant, who argued that progress is driven by the tension between an idea and its opposite, as well as Marx and Engels, who developed this ‘dialectic’ concept into a theory of change that would reshape the modern world.

We will divide our time on 1-2 June between the cities of Berlin and neighbouring Potsdam; two cities that have grown up on the faultlines of opposing ideas, and inspired revolutionaries from Bertolt Brecht to David Bowie.

To learn more about The Performance Theatre, please email: contact@theperformancetheatre.com.