May 27, 2015

What keeps you up at night?

The Performance Theatre is finding out what are the issues keeping people up at night, ahead of bringing together global leaders to discuss 21st century challenges at TPT Lisbon next month.

What are the issues keeping people awake at night in 2015? Climate change? Western girls choosing a ‘Jihadi bride’ life? Do many echo Elon Musk’s concern about artificial intelligence turning against humanity?

This is what The Performance Theatre is interested in uncovering, ahead of next month’s theatre in Lisbon, which will see over 100 global leaders gathering to draw on Portugal’s rich explorer history to reflect on the new leadership landscape.

We are inviting people to share the issues they feel most passionate about with us via social media – so we can ‘take the pulse’ of people’s feelings around 21st century challenges and bring to the table in Lisbon the most burning issues for leaders to delve in to.

You can get involved via social media at @Xynteo #leadershipinsomnia #TPTLisbon.