Older theatres

The Performance Theatre has been inspiring the leadership required to realise a new kind of growth since the first Theatre in 2000. Here's a glimpse into our earlier meetings – as well as our evolution.

London 2012

The theme for London 2012 was 'New Voices, New Growth'. The starting point was that the solution to interconnected global problems, such as resource scarcity, poverty and social instability, is not to reject growth but to rethink it. The programme challenged guests to think of words that can move us closer to a shared future, using music, poetry and literature to lend inspiration to the exercise.

Beijing 2011

On 16-17 June 2011, we met in Beijing. Taking the country's recently approved 12th five-year plan as our starting point, our theme was 'The Rebirth of Growth – China’s Role' and we explored how China can help steer us through challenges such as climate change to population growth.

Venice 2010

Venice – the city of bridges – played host to The Performance Theatre in 2010, where our theme was ‘Bridges to Tomorrow’s Growth’. We asked ourselves: what are the ‘bridges’ we need to cross to find new ways of growing? And how can we create a new kind of economic growth, capable of delivering long-term value to both shareholders and society as a whole?

Washington DC 2009

The theme for the 2009 Theatre was 'Leadership at a Time of Transition and Turbulence'. Then TPT Advisory Board Chairman Lord Browne of Madingley topped and tailed the Washington Theatre, opening with recommendations for the upcoming climate summit in Copenhagen. Participants were welcomed to DC by Washington veterans, senator Tom Daschle and Richard Gephardt.

New Delhi 2008

On 13-14 November 2008, The Performance Theatre met in New Delhi, India, with Tata as host. The theme was 'The Emerging World and the Role of Tomorrow’s Multinational', and the Theatre tackled a wide range of subjects including the emergence of a low-carbon economy, the future of cities and ways of engaging the ‘bottom of the pyramid’.

St Petersburg 2007

On 20-21 June 2007, The Performance Theatre met in St Petersburg, Russia. The Theatre explored the crucial phases of interdependence on energy, and considered energy security, energy supply and the environment. Gazprom was the co-host and the theme was 'A Sense of Direction'.

Wolfsberg 2006

The Performance Theatre met at Wolfsberg on 11-12 October 2006. The theme was 'Inspired Leadership – A Visual Journey', and topics included the future of energy, the frontiers of innovation and the challenge for leaders.

Oslo 2005

The Performance Theatre Oslo 2005 was held in partnership with AREVA, BP and Telenor. The theme – ‘Inspiring enduring performance’ – was tackled via three topics: culture, business models and leadership.