Commitment to step up, not down

8 September 2020


Manjula M Dissanayake

The Conversation


The shift to digital classrooms that the pandemic has forced on us has left behind those with no access to basic digital resources or the internet, highlighting yet again how our current systems are not serving the underprivileged and most vulnerable in our societies.


Manjula Dissanayake, founding president of Educate Lanka Foundation, shared their latest blogpost with us, A Silver Lining in a Pandemic: Educate Lanka's Promise to a Post-COVID-19 Future, which outlines the Foundation’s commitment to their community for a post-pandemic future through the lens of re-imagined education.


Educate Lanka's promise to a post-COVID future


"It is our strong belief that a revolutionary shift in our mindsets, priorities, values, and social contracts is only possible through an education that serves a purpose that is fundamentally different from what it served in the past.

This is not about a single entity’s race to the top. Either we win collectively, or we lose alone."

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