Introducing The Conversation

21 May 2020


Saya Snow Kitasei

The Conversation


Since 2000, The Performance Theatre has been bringing together leaders from business, policy, civil society and the arts to explore new ways of tackling our biggest leadership challenges.

Conversation is at the core of our approach. The best conversations do more than exchange information and establish positions. They require time, and attention – but they reward us by enriching our understanding of the complex world around us, building empathy, sparking ideas and inspiring action.

In recent years, we have begun to ask ourselves two questions: what is the best way to continue our conversations beyond the occasions when we meet? And how can we engage more people in them? With our 2020 annual gathering unable to go forward as planned in June, these questions have become all the more pressing.

'The Conversation' is intended to be a space to continue our conversations outside the time and space constraints that in-person gatherings inherently necessitate. We will share a variety of content, from long reads and dialogues to recommendations and artistic impulses, selecting pieces by members of The Performance Theatre community that embody the spirit of “conversation”. Some of it will draw from our archives; other content will be brand new.

We hope you will enjoy this material, and use it to start new conversations with others. If you have any suggestions for topics we should explore together, or conversations you’d like to continue, please send them my way.