Leadership, reconciliation and forgiveness

26 August 2020


Elmer Dixon

Lindsay Doran

Colleen Echohawk

Norm Stamper

Saya Snow Kitasei

The Conversation


In 2019 The Performance Theatre met in Seattle to explore the theme of ‘Higher Resolutions’. Even then, we were surrounded by signs that our social contracts were fraying. Fourteen months later, divided nations struggle to coordinate their responses to a pandemic, and communities around the world have taken to the streets to protest systemic racial injustice.

Our ability to resolve conflict and move forward together seems even more out of reach. How do we achieve “higher resolutions”, even among parties whose grievances and mistrust are rooted in histories of violence and the abuse of power? Using archival material from a panel discussion with Colleen Echohawk of Chief Seattle Club and Elmer Dixon of Executive Diversity Services at TPT 2019, and from new conversations with script-writer/ movie producer Lindsay Doran and former Chief of Seattle Police Norm Stamper, this podcast re-examines the themes of reconciliation and resolution.