A postcard from the frontlines of coronavirus research

18 May 2020

The Conversation


During TPT 2019 Seattle, a lucky group of participants was hosted by the Institute of Protein Design (IPD) for a “secret dinner”.

The goal of the IPD is to develop and apply methods for designing a whole new world of synthetic proteins to address challenges we didn’t face during natural evolution. 

Group photo, Institute of Protein Design

Photo credit: Ian Haydon


A skeleton crew at the Institute for Protein Design has been working long days to advance experimental coronavirus vaccines. Led by staff scientist Lauren Carter, Neil King and David Veesler, these researchers are producing vaccine candidates, which are currently in mouse studies with more exciting data to come. The team is also manufacturing and shipping high-quality viral proteins to scientists around the world to aid in urgently needed research. Thanks for the support! 

Institute of Protein Design, Seattle | March 2020


Over TPT's two-day programme, our host city, its history, institutions and local communities come into focus several times. It gives us an opportunity to meet people and organisations leading on various global issues at the city and neighbourhood level with a view to understand how these practices may be scaled.

The Institute of Protein Design were one of our partners for the "secret dinners" during TPT 2019 Seattle.