Postcard from the Philippines

17 May 2020

The Conversation


Ryan Gersava is the founder of Virtualahan, a tech social enterprise in the Philippines that trains and employs people who struggle with social exclusion due to the social stigma attached to their health condition, disability, or former addiction.


Ryan was a winner of the Inspired Leadership Awards at TPT 2019 in Seattle and was recently elected as an Ashoka Fellow; and Virtualahan was awarded the Global Champion at World Summit Awards in April 2020 in Vienna.

We checked in with him about Virtualahan’s pioneering work on virtual job-skills training, which is ever more crucial as remote work becomes a key feature of the new normal.


Ryan Gersava, Founder and President - Virtuahalan


“Our impact formula that enables people who experience workplace discrimination to work from home has now produced over 400 graduates. We are currently raising $10,000 to provide food and medical assistance to 100 Persons with Disabilities who are severely affected by the pandemic.”

Ryan Gersava  | April 2020


The Inspired Leadership Awards (ILA), presented each year as part of The Performance Theatre, recognise emerging leaders who embody the spirit of TPT’s mission to reinvent growth, and who demonstrate the potential to achieve large-scale impact.

Many ILA nominees and winners have become regulars at TPT, contributing fresh perspectives on the themes we address and utilising their relationships with the TPT community to scale their impact and share leadership lessons.