SPACES by Kuinka

18 May 2020



The Conversation


Seattle-based band Kuinka is carrying on the city’s heritage of musical innovation with an electronic twist on folk. They treated us to a joyous performance on the final evening of TPT 2019 in Seattle and have now shared their new creation with us! 


“Hi TPT community! We had such a lovely time with those of you we got to meet last year, and we hope you’re all doing well. Social distancing came into effect right in the middle of a big time for us: we’re recording brand new music and were about to go on tour. Playing together has always been an important outlet for us so we wanted to make sure we kept that going strong and stayed connected to our own community of friends and fans. We recorded this live version of our song “Spaces” in our respective quarantine spaces across northwest Washington state and edited it together last month, and we plan to continue creating together as much as possible. We hope you’re all finding bits of joy in these strange times and that our paths cross again soon.”

All our love, Kuinka
(Miranda, Jillian, Michelle, Zach & Nathan)
May 2020