Summer reading from the TPT library

26 August 2020

The Conversation


As the summer wears on, we are surrounded by evidence that systems can change quickly – even though some systems don’t seem to change quickly enough.


Originally suggested by community members in response to our 2018 and 2019 themes ('Unfinished Revolutions' and 'Higher Resolutions'), this month’s selections from The Performance Theatre’s pop-up library offer insights on how the human race and the systems we create change over time.  


We will continue to share recommendations from the library, choosing a handful at a time that relate to a common theme. We also welcome new recommendations from our community. Write to us on and we’ll add your recommendation to our virtual library.

Since The Performance Theatre (TPT) 2018 in Berlin, we have been honouring the power of books to transform; collaborating with the team at Little Free Library on a pop-up TPT book exchange. Captured on bookplates tucked into recommended volumes, these recommendations have sparked conversations both in the moment and months afterwards.