Turning Solo

18 May 2020


Naïma Ferré

Isabelle Schad

The Conversation


Dancer and choreographer Isabelle Schad joined us for TPT 2018 in Berlin, facilitating an unforgettable master class on “building movements”. She also choreographed the piece that opened the Theatre, a mesmerising solo performed by Naïma Ferre.


The piece’s influences include the Sufi tradition of whirling dances“The idea to propose Turning Solo with Naïma in the context of Unfinished Revolutions was an evident intuition,” Isabelle says.

"Naïma designs sensorial and suggestive sculptures with a continuous movement that takes its own paths and generates a relation to the self and to what moves us in this world. In times of coronavirus, its timelessness has a healing quality. To be in the perception of consciousness in each moment, in each movement, in action and doing requires a certain inner attitude and a freeing from conditioning. It is at the same time an attitude of resistance against patterns that define hierarchies, opinions and power relationships. The sharing of these practices is so important - for everything we do. It is this force that helps us overcome cultural and political borders and that invites a more universal notion of how to be together."

Isabelle Schad


Art has always been a positive force in turbulent times, both to raise awareness and to provide inspiration.

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