2021 TPT Season

In 2021, The Performance Theatre will explore the spaces – from the physical and institutional to the digital and spiritual – that a more inclusive, sustainable and just society requires. What kind of leadership will be needed to make spaces for new times?

Between April and November, the TPT 2021 Season will host a series of small (10-15 person) virtual gatherings, building up to our main event in December. These virtual gatherings will include moderated discussions with special guests, workshops and creative interventions. The sessions under the 2021 Season will continue to investigate different perspectives on the spaces – physical, digital and spiritual – we will share.

#1: 16 April – Cities as Shared Spaces 


We kicked off the 2021 Season last month with an engaging session on 'Cities as Shared Spaces' with Seattle mayoral candidate and Indigenous leader Colleen Echohawk and Heather McTeer Toney, former mayor of Greenville, Mississippi, and National Field Director for Moms Clean Air Force.

For decades now, the way our cities have been designed has excluded or segregated certain communities, resulting in urban spaces that are not truly shared. Colleen and Heather share a passion for unlocking our cities' potential to drive environmental and social justice. In this conversation, leaders reflected on ways to seek input from those who have been systemically marginalised. How we interact with and experience space differs from one community to the next, and understanding these cultural differences to build mutual respect should be the foundation of how we create resiliency and healing for these communities.  

This is a running repository of the sessions organised under the 2021 Season.