Change in direction for the ILA

The Performance Theatre is, at heart, about inspiring better leadership. And so an integral part  of each theatre is the presentation of the Inspired Leadership Award (ILA).

In past years, the award has celebrated global business pioneers who embody our ideal of what a leader should be. But starting this year, it will be awarded to younger leaders who have shown that they have the potential to achieve positive change on a global scale. In its new form, the prize represents a fantastic opportunity for the recipient: not only will they join a list of awardees that includes leaders from Ratan Tata to Richard Branson, but they will also be mentored by senior business leaders from the TPT community.

The ILA committee and TPT advisory board are currently making nominations ahead of the June theatre guided by the new awarding criteria, which seeks:

  •  A purpose-driven leader who is striving to create value for both their organisations and society at large.
  •  An individual who is breaking away from the status quo, anticipating and driving change rather than waiting for it.
  •  An outstanding performer who has the potential to achieve positive change on a global scale.

The pivot is thanks, in part, to new ILA committee chairman Jeremy Hillman, who said of the change:  “I hope to raise the award’s visibility and publicity, and use it to recognise those that could be global leaders as well as those that already are.”