EDP prepares to host this year’s TPT

This year’s Performance Theatre is generously hosted by Energias de Portugal (EDP), one of Europe’s leading electricity operators, and its CEO António Mexia. The company will play an active role throughout the theatre, and will also host the closing dinner at the Lisbon Electricity Museum.

Commenting on EDP’s role, António Mexia said:

“I am delighted that EDP will be hosting this year’s Performance Theatre in Lisbon. It is extremely important to take some time out of our daily lives to come together to debate how to be better at leadership and to confront the grand challenges of our time. Last year’s theatre in Oslo was a tremendous success, and I look forward to furthering the debate on what we lead for and what we lead by in my home city next week.

“What we learned during the theatre in Oslo was that leadership must have a human purpose. And good leadership means sacrifice, sharing, and embracing change. The feeling was that this sort of leadership is a scarce commodity, and that the theatre gives leaders the space to have open discussions – a space to rehearse being bold and courageous.”

About EDP

EDP is a leading company in the energy sector and is present in 13 countries, including Portugal, Spain, Brazil and the US. Listed on Forbes’ ‘World’s Biggest Public Companies’, with over 12,000 employees, the EDP Group has a global footprint and a strong presence on the world energy panorama. The company has a balanced and diversified portfolio, being present in generation, distribution and supply, with a focus on clean generation, either through hydro projects in Portugal and Brazil, or through world-leading clean energy developer EDP Renewables.

Energy is one of the major drivers of development of modern society. Promoting access to this asset is in the framework of the Millennium Development Goals, which promote the fight against social exclusion and improve the safety and quality of life of a significant portion of the world’s population.

With a clear vision of its role in society and its relationship with its stakeholders, EDP believes that it can maximise its contribution through the interconnection of seemingly distinct areas such as economy, culture, art, education, science and social innovation.

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