The Performance Theatre 2016 location and theme revealed

We are happy to announce that this year The Performance Theatre will be held in London.

On 17-18 June 2016, some 150 global CEOs and change-makers from across business, policy and civil society will gather to discuss the leadership required to reinvent growth that works with rather than against nature, benefits the many rather than the few, and delivers value over the long-term rather than the short.

At last year’s Theatre in Lisbon, participants were challenged in our Final Act to imagine looking back from the end of our lives, to judge if our time had been well spent. This struck such a powerful chord that this year the Theatre is continuing the thread of envisioning the future to examine and understand the world we are creating today.

Our theme will be ‘Reimagining our legacy: from time future to time present’. We will use The Performance Theatre’s unique blend of drama, creative thinking, reflection and action to build a factual and emotional understanding of the future dictated by our current actions, and to imagine optimistic new scenarios, and use that process to reflect on the questions we now face and the pathways we may choose. Topics will be drawn from the many challenges that we face today, ranging from digitalisation of the workplace through economic, war and climate-driven migration to energy transitions.

Another highlight of the Theatre will be the presentation of the Inspired Leadership Award, which recognises emerging leaders who have shown that they have the potential to achieve positive change on a global scale. Read more about the award here.