The Experience

The Performance Theatre provides a safe space for leaders from different sectors to learn, explore, reflect, and question accepted wisdom. We seek participants from a wide range of backgrounds who are in positions to effect change. Participation is free of charge, and by invitation only.

Our immersive, two-day programmes help some 150 leaders, decision-makers and influencers tackle leadership challenges in new ways.

Typical programme

  • Secret Dinners
  • A typical programme begins with our ‘Prologue’, where participants are formally welcomed to our host city and venue.
  • After lunch, we hear from invited speakers sharing perspectives on the theme in ‘Act One’, punctuated by facilitated table discussions.
  • Act Two’ is an arts-based activity to help us explore leadership practices connected to our theme.
  • We conclude the day with a dinner that celebrates emerging leaders.
  • Day two commences with ‘Act Three’, a community session connecting participants with realities ‘outside the room’ – for instance, hyper-local religious leaders, community initiatives and historians.
  • Following lunch, ‘Act Four’ sees invited speakers further explore our theme, after which we return to facilitated table discussions.
  • Our programme culminates with ‘Act Five’ – a moment of reflection and a parting message to those outside the room.
  • We close with a celebratory dinner.

Click here to read our Seattle 2019 programme for further insight into a typical Theatre.

I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.

Oscar Wilde, Irish poet and playwright

Wolfsberg 2006

St Petersburg 2007

New Delhi 2008

Washington DC 2009

Venice 2010

Beijing 2011

London 2012

Istanbul 2013

Oslo 2014

13 - 14 June

Lisbon 2015

London 2016

Singapore 2017

Berlin + Potsdam 2018

Seattle 2019