The Performance Theatre 2021

Crises have a way of clearing space for something new to emerge. Think about the rebuilding of a city after a great fire, the regeneration of land that has been degraded, or the designing of common institutions after a war. As we begin, gradually, to emerge from a year of lockdown, 2021 is an invitation to remake the spaces we will share.

In 2021, The Performance Theatre will explore the spaces – from the physical and institutional to the digital and spiritual – that a more inclusive, sustainable and just society requires. What kind of leadership will be needed to make spaces for new times?

2021 Season 

The safety of our community and that of our team continue to be our priority. Given the uncertainty that still remains surrounding travel and larger gatherings, we have decided to delay our in-person event until the end of the year. 

Until then, the TPT 2021 Season will host a series of small virtual gatherings. These sessions will allow us to continue experimenting with new formats, include moderated discussions with special guests, workshops and creative interventions. You can read about the sessions here

Participation in the Performance Theatre is by invitation only. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining us.

The theatre is so endlessly fascinating because it’s so accidental. It’s so much like life.

Arthur Miller, American playwright